Ramune Luminaire


Commissioned by the City of Toronto for Nuit Blanche, Outsiders highlights the way we relate to strangers. With interest? With suspicion? With an open heart? With contempt?


The ‘Outsiders’ want to be included. Citizens of Toronto are invited to participate in playful social engagement. ‘Outsiders’ appear in Toronto’s downtown core. Each life-sized, luminous, human-like form carries an invitation: “I am an Outsider, make me welcome. Take a photo, pass me on.”


The Outsider experience starts in the Toronto Urban Eatery in the Toronto Eaton Centre, where monitors track the experience of each acetate body cast.  Ramune worked on the project with Seeingred, a fluid collective of artists who live and work outside Toronto in what often feels like a parallel universe. Their mission: to bring art into people’s daily lives, often moving beyond traditional exhibition sites into public spaces. (Supported by the Ontario Arts Council.)