Ramune Luminaire


A wall mural created in collaboration with Leigh MacDonald, shown at the Gladstone Hotel in Toronto during Nuit Blanche

Leigh MacDonald has done several performances around the theme of Rapunzel, and I have focused on both crones and trees in recent years.  Our interests came together to create a wall mural for Toronto’s Nuit Blache.  

As is so often the case with mythology and archetypes, most cultures have a version of the story of Rapunzel.  Leigh and I researched, discussed and drew together to come up with our own version of the familiar fairy tale – told in 13 moons.  In our version, as in the original, Rapunzel  is rescued from the tower by her handsome prince, but she then finds herself equally trapped in a shadow tower from which she has to set herself free before being able to unite the maiden, mother and crone within.

The mural measured 17x12ft and was entirely painted in latex wall paint.



The Mural, 5.1x3.6m 





 The Crone



 The Crone's Cat





 Putting Rapunzel Into The Tower





 The Forest




The Prince 





 Rapunzel Banished and then Rescued