Ramune Luminaire


Shown in galleries and museums in England

Before I moved to Canada I made and showed sculpture in England. My sculpture was always an attempt to give physical form to intangible concepts such as intimacy, addiction, cruelty, attraction. My work  was process-driven, and I used whichever medium most suited the subject matter - latex, clay, wire, wax, rope, rubber. I was looking for a visceral response, rather than an intellectual understanding. Pieces varied in size, but were always designed in relationship to the human body to be larger, smaller, insignificant, overwhelming.  




Two  Step, 2m diameter latex, stuffing, plastic tubing





Solo Synthesis, 2m tall, polyester, plastic tubing, cotton, rope





Synthesis, 2m tall, latex, polyester, plastic tubing, elastic





Untitled, 2.4m tall, concrete blocks, rust, polyester 





Untitled, 2.4m tall, concrete blocks, rust 










Relating Lumps, 2.2m tall, unfired clay 





Relating Lumps, 80cm tall, unfired clay 





Happy Cow, 1.4m tall, ceramic





 Sad Cow installation with ceramic cow





Little Piece of Evil, 22cm tall, wire, wax, paint 





 Untitled, 1.15m tall, plaster, steel, paper, rubber