Ramune Luminaire


The tree has been used in many contexts to symbolize life, power, strength, wisdom and endurance.  I see trees as the symbol of connection between heaven and earth, the bridge between earth and sky.  Trees are always my perfect example of, and inspiration for, balance between the earthly and the spiritual.  

Each tree I draw is inspired by a tree of mythological  significance: the African Boa which many believe houses the spirits of their ancestors; the Cedars of Lebanon spoken of the Bible; the Sri Lankan fig which Buddha sat under; the Oak, sacred tree of the Druids…

Each one is drawn in a combination of dry media such as pastel, graphite, charcoal, earth and raw pigment on a wooden panel, measuring 4ft x 8ft.

My Tree Structure is waiting to be built - a large, open timber framework structure which suggests, not explicitly, a place of reverence.  A place which, once entered, requires you to sharpen your awareness of self and what surrounds you.  Attracted by the images of trees on the exterior of the building-like structure, visitors enter and are confronted by the beauty of stark wooden panels, and simultaneously experience the structure as something strangely blank and dysfunctional – they have essentially entered a void.  

The exterior of the framework supports seven images inspired by trees of mythological significance drawn on a wooden panel measuring 4ft x 8ft.  The open timber framework is made of a mixture of greyed, weathered roof  ‘beams’ and fresher more finished ‘walls” which hold the panels with the tree drawings facing out and varnished, figured veneers facing inwards.  The structure is designed  by Lino Hilsdon, a registered architectural designer, to be secure and safe. It will be bolted together in situ and its height and related structure can be adapted to suit the ceiling height of the exhibition space.  

Let me know if you think of an exhibition space that might be interested!




Boa Boa, 120x240cm,  pastel & charcoal on wooden panel





Root Detail





Back Of Wooden Panel 





Cedar, 120x240cm, pastel & charcoal on wooden panel 





Root Detail 





90x120cm, pastel & Rustoleum on wooden board 





Oak, charcoal on paper, 30x90cm 





Gilbran's Trees, 40x60 cm, pastel on wooden panel






Studio 22, Kingston, Ontario